How it works was born in Barcelona, in Spain after the simple realization from the founding team of 3, what the world is becoming each time a more challenging place to maintain, while more and more companies are growing in non-sustainable manners.

Profits in the private sector grow day by day, and the world as we know it is struggling to survive. From that fundamental principle, we decided to bring our collective expertise into creating a state-of-the-art world-changing machine. What better to improve the world than collective effort? What if, through effortless daily tasks, we could actually make a difference? Where union means strength, that’s exactly why was created. We decided that the massive profits made by internet giants shouldn’t stay in the wrong hands, but that should be redistributed fairly, to any and all projects that matter to the greater good. So we created an ethical charter on which we adhere too. From there, the collaboration with EPIC foundation, that shares our values of transparency, traceability, and actual impact seemed just as the next logical step to make sure the support raised actually goes to relevant organizations and reaches the desired target. By using, you join the revolution, and help that 80% of the advertising support generated while you browse the web, goes to the cause of your choice (yes, you can literally chose any cause!). Don’t know which cause to help? But still want to make Earth better? Simply choose “Epic Foundation” for the support collected to be distributed evenly.